72CK064G Square Ground Semi Skip Chain 3/8 .050 64 DL

Here is 1 brand new 72CK064G. 3/8 or (.375 pitch) .050 gauge or (1.3mm) and 64 drive links.

Oregon Square Ground Pro Semi skip full chisel chain.

These have Square ground cutter teeth in Semi(or Half) skip pattern. The fastest cutting cutter tooth in 3/8 pitch chain Oregon chain.

Sharpens with  3-Corner Chisel File or equivalent.Also sharpened with square grinding wheel on chain grinders.

If you have a 72 ,A1 ,(46,47,51,80,or 82 in Husqvarna) mark stamped on your drive link and there is 64 drive links these will fit your saw.Check bar for info stamped on it.

Click link below for help with chain spec's

TIP- Always match drive link count of you current chain. Chains are measured by cutting length - not total length


Blued Full Chisel Square ground cutters provide superior corrosion resistance and improved strength.

- Top performaing square corner chisel cutters.

   We sell a pitch N gauge tool also to check chain specs                                                                                                                                                    

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72CK064G  Square Ground Semi Skip Chain 3/8  .050 64 DL
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