27AX025U 25' Oregon Skip Tooth saw chain reel 404 .063 gauge

Here is 1 brand new 25 foot roll of 27AX. Oregon full skip chamfer chisel chain. 404 pitch .063 gauge semi chisel.

List $193.91

8 matched connecting links and 8 loop boxes included.

Sharpens with 7/32" file

TIP- Always match drive link count of you current chain. Chains are measured by cutting length - not total length


27AX 404 pitch .063 gauge Full Skip tooth pattern

Oregon 27AX is the skiptooth version of 27X. 27X saw chain is perfect for users who want a heavy duty .404 pitch chain with great stay sharp features. 27X saw chain has a narrow radius Micro-Chisel cutter, which gives you very fast cutting speeds for a semi-chisel chain, but still holds an edge well. 27X chain is .404 pitch, .063 gauge (1.6mm). Sharpens with a 7/32" round file or 3/16" grinding wheel. 

Pitch .404" 
Gauge .063" (1.6mm)
Sequence Skiptooth or FULL Skip cutter sequence
Cutter Type Micro-Chisel (Small Radius Semi-Chisel) 
Recommended Saw Sizes 4.0 cubic inches and LARGER (65 cc+)
Kickback Reduction Features None
ANSI Approved Low Kickback Chain No 
Sharpens with 7/32" file


27AX025U 25' Oregon Skip Tooth saw chain reel 404 .063 gauge
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