Replacement 12" chainsaw chain for Ryobi Model # RY40510B

Replacement Oregon 12" chainsaw chain for Ryobi Model # RY40510B


3/8 low profile .043 gauge 45 drive links

Oregon 90PX is part of a Micro lite narrow kerf cutting system that requires less power from your saw that standard 91 chain. .Narrow .043 gauge helps reduce the weight of the bar chain combination approximately 15% .chaamfer chisel cutters twin cutting corners offer outstanding performance durability and easy maintenance. . lubrilink tie straps keep oil on the chain .lubriwell oil holes carry oil around the full length of the guide bars groove .vibe ban chasis design reduces vibration 25% or more at handles. .witness mark on top plate makes accurate sharpening easier. .recommended for saws up to 42CC .bar length up to 16 inches 41cm .always install 90PX chains on a .043 micro lite bar MLE part numbers to obtain all the advantages of the micro lite system

ATTENTION: READ THIS WARNING - The saw chain in this package is Low kickback saw chain.It met the reduced kickback requirements of ANSI B175.1 and CSA Z62.3 when tested.Its safety features significantly reduce the hazard of kickback while maintaining high cutting performance.

Replacement 12" chainsaw chain for Ryobi Model # RY40510B
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  • Item #: 90PX045G Ryobi
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